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Qigong Medical Studies *Spring Forest QiGong Courses
with Co - Host  of the www.HolisticRadioShow.com
Colin Ryane ~ SFQ Certified Level 1,2 Instructor
& Master Healer
Sword Fingers Healing Energy
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About Colin:
Swami Shambhu Meditating in Devapreg, India 1973
Meditating Himalayas 1973
A Master Yoga Instructor in the 1970's
(designated Yoga Acharia by Swami Vishnu)
with the Shivananda Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy & Centers, Int'l.
Swami Shambhu demonstrating peacock pose in Toronto, 1976
Peacock in Full Lotus 1976
Colin was known as:
Paramahamsa Swami Shambhu Devananda Saraswati
He taught Raja & Hatha Yoga in  Toronto, LA, NYC,
Nassau - Bahamas & Grass Valley CA
Tepotzlan Morelos Mexico 2000
Tepotzlan, 1980
Colin studied Healing in Tepotzlan, Mexico in 1980
with Andrea Puharich, author of "Uri !",
and Sara Domingez-Shroder -  keeper of Cochise
~ The Chiricahua Apache Indian Chief's
healing tomahawk; & 2nd generation herbalist.

Colin Ryane Santa Fe, MN home 1982
Colin's Santa Fe Home 1982
Married a cytologist - Chinese Herbalist
Colin lived in Santa Fe, NM for 17 years before
moving to Dallas in 1995 after Thanksgiving

Shoulder Injuries made him seek a gentler way,
finding Spring Forest Qigong in September of 2000.
Colin Ryane and Mater Chunyi Lin diploma
Certified by Master Lin 6-2010
Colin has been  practicing Qigong ever since.
SFQ Certified Level 1 Instructor - by In'tl QiGong Master Chunyi Lin
in 2010.  He's completed Level 1- 4,
attended the 2010 Qigong Cancer Healing Retreat
Qigong World Conference 2012
2 yrs Advanced Meditation  course for L 5,  2014
Colin maintains a personal SFQ daily practice of
1/2 hr - 2 hours of meditation, and
1 - 2  hrs of Active Exercises

2013 Colin is a Certifed L1 &2 Instructor & Master Healer

He loves assisting others in their healing journey
with Qigong personal Qi - balancing sessions,
telephone sessions,
distance sessions,
healing meditations.

Colin loves to talk to groups presenting the principals of Qigong
and the simple message:
"You were born a healer"

Colin supports Master Chunyi Lin's vision of
"A healer in every family and a world without pain"

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* Spring Forest Qigong is a registered trademark of Chunyi Lin. SFQ workshops have been offered through Normandale Community College in Bloomington, Minnesota since 2004.  In 2008 a curriculum was established to train and certify instructors to deliver SFQ Level One, an introduction to the healing power of Spring Forest Qigong, in a simple, guided, consistent manner. The instructor of this workshop completed the required training and has earned the designation of SFQ Level One, Two certified instructor and Master Healer.

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